2020 Annual Appeal

Support Art

Dear members, patrons and friends,

In these unprecedented times Bermuda National Gallery has strived to deliver uninterrupted, relevant and engaging arts and cultural content to the community.

This has meant completely reimagining our daily operations, with staff moving to a remote working model for six months, updating systems and software and investigating innovative ways to showcase our exhibitions and programmes.

We have achieved much of this, greatly expanding our digital channels and reimagining how we utilise our existing resources all while simultaneously creating new ways to give you access the gallery

What hasn’t changed, and is increasingly more necessary is the need for member and donor support. It is your crucial donation that will see us through the coming year and will help sustain us for future generations and I encourage you to donate today in support of BNG.

Despite the challenges this year, through our exhibitions and programmes it was also full of dynamic opportunity and I have attached a digital magazine that captures some of BNG’s 2020

Thank you for your support.


Peter Lapsley, MFA
Executive Director