A Reference

Catherine Hay

b. 1983, Bermudian/British



Catherine Hay is a Bermudian living in Prospect, Devonshire, with her spouse, one little human and an elderly cat who has taken up residence in their home. She writes short fiction and, on occasion, poetry. She works in the Department of Culture.

Of A Reference, she says: “I am preoccupied with how the sack of words we use in Bermuda has transformed in these pandemic years. This piece commences with the formality of a referral – a form which seems archaic and superfluous in these strange times. But the pattern and vocabulary of this formality must be abandoned as we seek to describe Bermuda’s springtime.

“The piece wrestles with the simple fact that we can no longer count on that which was once so dependable and certain. What is left has always been but never noticed. It may not even be wanted. In the end we must ask if we are not what we were then what are we now?”


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