A Sacred Space: Scratchie’s #1

Nadiyah Brown

b. 1988, Bermudian. Currently lives and works in Canada.



40 x 60 in.

Nadiyah Brown is a Bermudian documentary photographer based in Ontario, Canada. She utilizes photography and mixed media as tools in her visual storytelling to explore themes of nostalgia and joy woven into the fabric of the Bermudian experience and Caribbean diaspora. Her work serves as a visual diary, capturing the essence of the Black experience through a lens uniquely positioned within the context of her heritage.

She says: “Amidst change, I want to focus on the beauty of local scenes, showcasing community staples as living time capsules, chronicling our history. Evolving into neighborhood museums and meeting places, these spaces hold our shared memories and serve as cultural centers. I aim to encapsulate the essence of these community strongholds, freezing moments in time as visual testaments to Bermudian traditions. As these spaces vanish, whether through modernization or other reasons, I implore viewers to recognize the urgency in preserving these sanctuaries, these scared spaces.”

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