Emma Steele

Knit textiles


25 x 19 x 3 in.

The simple motion of a touch.

To see. To react. To notice.

The body is constantly being defined and portrayed within society as a form to be manipulated. A body part can be adapted and abstracted into a form unrecognisable to the eye. We sexualise the body; abstract it. Objectify it into an object; an object of desire.

Marks disappear but the experience stays with-one forever.

Forgotten. Lost. Undefined.

I am exploring imprinting and markings of the body and the reputation behind it. The beauty in what can be left behind, because to be seen naked is to become vulnerable. Our most vulnerable state is our naked selves. Each piece has different body prints which are then cut out of the polyester knit. This leaves an abstract cut out form within the polyester knit piece. The body prints are created by creating body prints of my body by my printing myself onto pieces of paper.

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