Asterix (Neuilly-sur-Seine, France)

Sophie Stubbs

b. 2001, Bermudian/British. Currently lives and works in Bermuda.



14 x 11 in.

Sophie Stubbs is a Bermudian artist who grew up in Essex, England. She moved to Bermuda in 2020 and has enjoyed getting to know the island. Stubbs graduated from Newcastle University in 2022 with an Architecture degree (Bachelor of Arts) and is currently working in an architecture practice in Bermuda. She plans to undertake a master’s degree in architecture in 2024.

She says: “My photography focuses on architecture and people’s urban and rural experience. Most of the subjects in my photographs are captured having a quiet moment of solitary contemplation. I take most of my photographs with my iPhone and uses the VSCO cam app for editing. I believe that photography does not require expensive equipment and that photographers can develop their craft with a smart phone by experimenting with its photo editing settings and Instagram tools. My inspirations are photographers Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb and Matt Calderwood, whose Instagram account @mattcalderworld presents fun, accidental forms in the built environment.”

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