Katie Ewles

Mixed media installation


8 x 20 ft.

My current collection of work is largely an exploration of the human condition through paper collage. My process-based works reflect the human experience as non-linear and considers the flux between a compounding whole and the parts that comprise the greater whole. In particular, I am fascinated with the dynamic between the individual and the collective, as well as the value and limitations of individualized, perceptive reality. Moreover, my work aims to convey a sense of necessitated belonging, whether personal or universal, as expressed through tension between form, color, and often, interactivity. It is my hope that my work encourages introspection in viewers and urges them to consider the conventions of their own lives in order to foster greater understanding and coherence in our community at large.

After the exhibition is closed all tiles will be recycled into other collage works that will go on to have their own lives with the secrets of those who participated in the original installation confined within. Ultimately, these fragments become the essential building blocks of the future, much like we as individuals continue to create a life for ourselves, secrets and all.

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