Bermuda House, St George’s

Rupert Lovejoy

American, 1885 - 1975

Oil on board

c. 1925

Gift of David L. White, OBE

Oil and watercolour painted in the Plein Air style was the work for which Rupert Lovejoy was best known. The artist spent his 90 years in the picturesque towns of Gloucester, Massachusetts, and Boothbay Harbor and Cape Ann, Maine.

Primarily trained as a dentist, Lovejoy’s passion for painting never faltered; he attended evening classes at the Portland Art School, and decorated his office with his paintings.

In 1915 Lovejoy’s paintings caught the eye of his patient Walter Griffin, an American impressionist painter, who encouraged Lovejoy to accompany him on his painting trips to Maine. Lovejoy went on to exhibit his works in many exhibitions and received recognition for his ability to capture the fleeting qualities of nature. The colour harmony of this work illustrates Lovejoy’s ability to capture the effects of light through colou

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