Prosper Senat

American, 1852 – 1925

Watercolour, 19 x 28 inches


Collection of Bermuda National Gallery. Gift of David L. White, OBE.

Prosper Senat, a Philadelphian artist noted for his watercolours and etchings, was trained at the École des Beaux-Arts, Paris, and the South Kensington School of Art, London. Senat’s chief interest was in coastal and marine subjects, and much of his time was spent travelling to paint landscapes in Southern Italy, England, Egypt, Mexico, Jamaica and Bermuda.  These frequent travels inspired him to participate in International Exhibitions, among them the Brussels Exposition of 1880, the Naples National Exposition of 1889 and the Vienna National Exhibition of 1893.

Attracted by Bermuda’s landscape and tropical climate, Senat and his wife were annual winter guests at The Princess Hotel from 1905 –1920, and he often exhibited his work there as well. Senat’s paintings of Bermuda capture the landscape with a fluid combination of styles and techniques. 

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