Block 3

Alex Allardyce

b. 1957, British

Acrylic monoprint on board


47 x 47 in.

Alex Allardyce is a mixed media artist working in painting, printmaking, sculpture and architecture. Born in Scotland, he is now based in Bermuda. He works with acrylic paint on canvas and with linocut prints. The colour of buildings, shadows and vegetation, combined with their sculptural forms in Bermuda’s particular light has been a strong source of inspiration for his recent work.

He says: “Confined to the garden studio during lockdown, I started looking more intensely at my immediate surroundings. The shifting sunlight on the decorative concrete blocks and the abstract shadows they cast on the floor caught my eye. Like a large sundial, they marked the passing of the day which had become almost indistinguishable from the day before and the day to come. With access to the rest of the world restricted, and with only a partial view of what was happening around us, the decorative concrete blocks became a metaphor for isolation in Bermuda during lockdown.”


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