by the grace of God

Andrea Olivia Ottley

b. 1978, Kittitian



Andrea Olivia Ottley was born in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis. She is a poet, a writer and a photographer who believes the world to be art, in both its natural and creative sense. Her writing has been published in St. Somewhere Journal and I Wish I Could Tell You: Bermuda Anthology of Children’s Literature and Young Adult Stories, Take This Journey With Me: Bermuda Anthology of Memoir and Creative Non-Fiction and The Stories We Tell: Bermuda Anthology of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. She was one of the poets invited to respond to Gherdai Hassell’s first solo exhibition I Am Because You Are (Bermuda National Gallery, 2021).

She says: “My body of work engages the idea of a new language. My poetry is inspired by my surroundings and love of nature. Language is wonderful. It happens when something connects an experience that changes as the artist does. I have witnessed how language can stimulate and change one’s perceptions, perspectives and assumptions.”

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