Cartographies of Loss

The Brackish Pond Literary Collective

Est. 2021, Bermudian

Poetry and video installation


Created by Bermudian writers Yesha Townsend and Kristin White, The Brackish Pond Literary Collective is a space to celebrate and expand upon Bermuda’s literary tradition. The collective, which aims to deepen understanding of our island’s history and culture and to support the continuance of the Bermudian literary tradition, is named for Bermudian hero, author and abolitionist Mary Prince, whose memoir begins “I was born at Brackish Pond”.

An inquiry into the navigation of cultural memory, they describe Cartographies of Loss as “a study of two parts. The first, an essay for academic publisher Routledge, explores the gaps in our cultural memory to form an understanding of the fissures that appear in the Black Bermudian experience.

“The second part, produced for the Bermuda Biennial, features an original poem, a film and an interactive art installation which focus on forgotten sites of memory across the island. The essay will explore what has been. The exhibit will ask what could be.”

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