Crowd of One

Peter Lapsley

Bermudian (b. 1976)

Acrylic on canvas


Collection of the artist

Peter Lapsley is a Bermudian artist living and working in Norway.
He holds an MFA (hons) from Parsons School of Design. His
work has been exhibited internationally and is held in a number of
local and international collections. His current series of works
are informed by his material explorations of identity and place.
Lapsley works with a broad range of materials including works
on paper, mylar, brass, steel, glass and gold leaf.
He says: “The Crowd of One series was at its core informed
by an exploration of identity and belonging. The series was
created utilising cut paper templates based on silhouetted
figures that were then painted onto various substrates,
including light projections.
“The figures form dense pockets, some included in the main
body and others connecting to smaller groups and individuals.
The visual outcomes for this series have gone on to inform
other series of work and the exploration of identity continues
in my practice.”

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