Double Exposure (triptych)

Teresa Kirby Smith

b. 1950, American/Irish

Cyanotype, gelatin silver print and digital photographs


25 x 59 in.

Photographer Teresa Kirby Smith works across several mediums, from black and white photographs shot with a medium format camera mostly at night and later developed and printed in her studio, to abstract color images taken in full daylight with a digital camera, to older and not quite yet forgotten photographic processes such as the cyanotype. Her photographs have been shown in Bermuda and the United States and have appeared in online exhibitions.

She says: “Double Exposure is a triptych consisting of three closely-related photographic double exposures. Reading from left to right, the first image in the triptych is a cyanotype, a chemical printing process developed in the mid-19th century and later widely used to reproduce technical and architectural drawings (blueprints). The middle image was shot with a medium format film camera, and from the developed gelatin silver negative a print was made. In the third image, a digital color print taken with the by now ubiquitous digital camera, we move from the present and swiftly into the future.”


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