Downpour Dream Song

Charlie Godet Thomas

b. 1985, Bermudian/British

Paint and pencil on newsprint, glue, pins


46 x 32 in.

Charlie Godet Thomas is a British-Bermudian artist whose work employs a wide range of approaches including writing, painting, sculpture, assemblage, photography, sound and video. His work is concerned with the connections between visual art and literature, the act of writing, the autobiographical, the tragic and the humorous. Thomas’ work is summoned from unlikely places such as bookbinding processes, street signage, funereal foam lettering and pharmaceutical packaging.

His painted poetic works, which he refers to as Illuminated Manuscripts, bridge the stylistic qualities of newspaper cartoon strips with a more Blakean approach to pairing writing and imagery. His approach practice combines historical and contemporary methods and references which he uses to interrogate the written word and its relationship to the world
as he sees it.

Thomas has been exhibited internationally at galleries, institutions, biennials and fairs including Museo Jumex, Mexico City, MX (2021) Frieze Sculpture, London, UK (2019), BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK (2014) Somerset House, London, UK (2021), and several Bermuda Biennials. TACO! recently launched a publication of Thomas’ writing titled ‘In Writing’.


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