Eastern Waters

Venetia Furbert

b. 1988, Bermudian



Venetia Furbert is a Climate Risk Expert and Founder of Sustenance. She has held roles in reinsurance claims, insurance underwriting and environmental, social and governance. She is a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter, Registered Professional Liability Underwriter, Associate in Reinsurance/ General Insurance and holds a Certificate in Cyber Risk Management.

She was recognised as a Rising Star by The Bermudian (2015) and Impressive Woman Leader by Lumiere Sciences (2020). She is currently writing Convalesce, which depicts her healing journey through poetry. Her creative pursuits include a line of African waist beads called Wildmoon.

She says: “Eastern Waters introduced itself to me in the middle of 2020. Poetry has always found me at the points in life when I most needed to be heard. This time was different. This poem sought me out when I most needed to listen and learn. It holds secrets of my lineage; of who I am. The poem reminds me that I am capable of healing, loving, and living again.”


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