Kristy Warren & Ami Zanders

b. 1977, Bermudian; b. 1977, Bermudian




Kristy Warren is Lecturer of Black History at the University of Lincoln, UK. She completed her PhD at the University of Warwick. She researches the history, vestiges and legacies of British colonialism in Bermuda, the wider Caribbean and the United Kingdom. This is her first exhibition.

A recent MA Fine Art graduate from Liverpool John Moores University, UK, Ami Zanders exhibits in Liverpool with Avoid Art Collective and has worked with Tate Liverpool’s Home From Home art programme, where she taught art to asylum seekers and refuees.

They say: “Embers is an experimental video projection based on Sally Bassett’s life. Themes explored include Bermuda’s colonial past, slavery, race, spirituality, legends and visual representation of black Bermudian women in history. In addition to exploring Sally’s life, the video addresses the Tucker sisters’ popular Sally Bassett lady bell, which was designed to keep Sally in servitude.

“Drawing on primary sources provided by Karla Ingemann of the Bermuda Archives and research undertaken by Dr Clarence Maxwell and Dr Quito Swan, the video uses poetry, stop motion animation and digital visual effects to tell a non-linear narrative. This collaborative work is the first of a series.”




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