Keishunda Curtis

b. 1984, Bermudian. Currently lives and works in Bermuda.

Palmetto foliage, fishing line


Variable dimensions

Keishunda Curtis is a Bermudian mixed-media artist who enjoys creating beauty from unwanted, unseen, or found materials. Considering humanity’s move into a metamodern era, an appreciation for the cycle of life and the delicate balance of old and new is honoured. She is also the creator of thehauteghetto, a pan-African social enterprise which uses Black art and t-shirt couture to heal and create connections in the Atlantic World.

She says: “FAMILY is a representation of the importance of connection and partnership. It is also a play on dichotomies such as beauty and pain, trash and treasure, life and death. The installation is alive. Therefore, even in its state of death and disintegration, it will naturally move and change form with time.”

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