Christina Hutchings

Ink on paper and plexiglass


17 x 13 in.

My artwork is structural in nature reflecting my work experience in architecture. The current work of objects and drawings use elements of architectural representation: planes, lines and structural grids. There is an emphasis on the materials which I use to make the lines and planes. The lines are drawn with rods, the planes are shaped with wood and plexiglass. These are assembled with construction hardware chosen for its aesthetic and functional purposes.

The inspiration for this body of work is drawn from the proliferation of voices telling us something on the airwaves in the analog world and in the instantaneous noise of digital communication.

FAST TALK is about overlapping communication lines, the speed and simultaneity of words that transmit and elide along the  communication lines. The drawing depicts lines which trace the paths of undersea cable connections and overhead communication satellite orbits. The crisscrossing communication lines are drawn on transparent layers to suggest overlapping simultaneous conversations and the tangles of meaning within the lines.

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