Free Flow

Catherine Lapsley

b. 1946, Bermudian/British

Acrylic on canvas


16 x 41 in.

Catherine Lapsley attended Kingston-on-Thames Art School in England, studying art and design. She focused on Graphic Design and, after graduation, worked in London for innovative designers and architects before moving to Bermuda, where she forged a career in the design and non-profit sectors.

Her art practice has focused primarily on painting, and she has exhibited her work in numerous exhibitions in Bermuda including the 2014 Bermuda Biennial, Illusion & Abstraction: Capturing the Landscape at the Bermuda National Gallery (2020), and has pieces in a number of local collections including the Hamilton Princess.

She says: “For the past several years I have been exploring how to create life and movement within a two-dimensional space by restricting myself to using a grid system as my starting point. This challenge gives me a place from which it seems anything can happen in order to create movement and interest, encouraging each viewer to interpret the story within the painting in their own way.”

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