Going Shrew Go Shrew

Jordan Carey

b. 1996, Bermudian/American. Currently lives and works in Maine, USA.

Paper and charcoal on a Bermuda cedar frame


76 x 48 x 10

Jordan Carey is a Bermudian designer currently based in Portland, Maine. Carey’s work focuses on marginalization, combating Eurocentrism and mundanity’s capacity to build more intentional relationships to craft and commerce. In January 2020, he launched Loquat, an independent fashion and accessories business focused on empowering marginalized people. Carey’s practice also includes traditional kite-making methods that he has employed to create narrative kite frames with paper collage and charcoal.

He says: “I use traditional Bermuda kite-making to explore fragility, community, and heritage. The need to connect with these topics in a way that is close to home but honest and critical always feels more urgent. The delicate nature of the kite forces me to maintain awareness of my own brutish and temporary existence within the elusive power structures responsible for colonial and environmental disasters. This piece contrasts the dominant narrative of island escapism by highlighting the undeniable but often muted realities of daily life intrinsic to the Afro and Native American populations of Bermuda.”

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