Hands Across Da Table

Bill Ming

Bermudian (b. 1944)

Mixed media


Collection of Bermuda National Gallery

UK based Bermudian sculptor Bill Ming says: “Like many
African artists, I am a woodcarver and, like them, I am storyteller
trying to share visions, messages and meanings with the
village. But in addressing a modern, global and multicultural
village, my work has to link instinct and early impressions
with a contemporary western perspective formed through my
education and later experience.
“These are reflected in the content, structure and appearance
of my sculpture. They are constructed of separate pieces of
timber and often incorporate fragments of my earlier work and
elements of found, worked timber. Their re-use of other objects
makes tangible their relationship with my own and our collective
past. They exist as a sort of cultural archaeology, their present
meanings both echoing and reflected in the past.”

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