Hawk Mask

Bwa peoples, Burkina Faso

Wood, pigment, metal and nails

Gift of students of the following Bermuda schools: The Berkeley Institute, Bermuda High School, Dellwood Primary, Gilbert Institute, Heron Bay Primary, Montessori Academy, Mount St. Agnes, Paget Primary, Port Royal Primary, St. George’s Preparatory, St.

94.5 x 22.5 x 17.75 in

This horizontal plank mask with white wings represents a hawk and is one of many masks made by Bwa peoples to represent the life-giving force of wilderness spirits. The hawk mask’s performance consists of rapidly rotating the mask vertically around the dancer’s face both clockwise and counter clockwise. The masks are worn in funerals, initiations and harvest celebrations to thank the spirits for watching over the village and for providing food and sustenance to the living.

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