Teresa Kirby Smith

b. 1950, American/Irish. Currently lives and works in Bermuda.

Digital print from film negative


24 x 13.5 in

Teresa Kirby Smith was born in Peru and raised in Chile, Panama and Argentina. Following university and then art school in the United States, she lived primarily in California, New York City and London. Kirby Smith has resided in Bermuda since 2011. Her work has been shown here as well as in the US and in various online exhibitions. In 2013, she was the recipient of the grand prize at the Charman show held at Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art and she has previously appeared in the Bermuda Biennial five times, beginning in 2012.

She says: “Since last Spring, I’ve been observing and photographing the shoreline rocks of Bermuda. I’ve used a medium format black-and-white film camera, which is especially effective at capturing the textured surfaces and shadings of the rocks. It takes time to compose an image using this equipment, but with that extra time how you perceive an image in the viewfinder can change, encouraging experimentation and the search for multiple perspectives.”

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