House near Elba Beach, Bermuda

Gail Marirea

b. 1940, Bermudian/Canadian. Currently lives and works in Bermuda.



22 x 29 in.

Gail Marirea started quilting in 1997 and has progressed gradually over the past twenty-five years from making very large quilts to small wall quilts which look like paintings. Her quilts have been exhibited at Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art and at the Tupper Lake, New York, Quilt Show. Her work is held in private collections in France, Japan, Nicaragua, Canada, USA and Bermuda.

She says: “I am a totally self-taught artist and quilter and, because of my art background, my aim has been to combine my quilting and painting skills and that has led me to where I am now.  I replicate photographs, old Bermuda postcards, and artworks by Winslow Homer, the Tucker Sisters and others.  So far, I have replicated 13 Winslow Homer mainly Bermuda paintings.  I call my craft “Painting WITH Fabric”. House Near Elba Beach, Bermuda is based on a postcard by Catherine Tucker.”

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