Betty Azzario

Bermudian (b. 1965)

Acrylic on canvas


Collection of the artist

Self-taught mixed media artist Betty Azzario has exhibited at
the Bermuda Society of Arts, most recently in Unruly: A Celebration
of the Power, Beauty and Artistry of Black Hair (July 2023).
Jenny is inspired by the 1981 pop hit 867-5309/Jenny by
American band Tommy Tutone, which reached #4 on the Billboard
Hot 100. Azzario says: “Jenny has always fascinated me. A one-hit
wonder from back in the day, the question was always ‘Who is
Jenny?’. No one ever knew, as the number was used by multiple
persons. Jenny could be anyone. Many people fantasized, as
to what she looked like, who she was. As an artist I want that
effect for my work. Who is she? What is the story?”
With her artistic practice, Betty Azzario aims “to create a creative
stir and encourage the imagination.” She adds: “Art individualism
is important to me.” Her work is held in private collections in
Bermuda, Portugal, the UK and the US.

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