Let Me Tell You Something

Sidney Mello



My art has always been a reflection of my innermost thoughts. The majority of the time, my mind is filled with things from worlds not our own. Comics, movies, cartoons, and videogames; different realities are constantly running amok through my consciousness. These thoughts, dreams, and daydreams are far more appealing than my circumstance because the worlds in which these characters dwell in seem wondrous, bright and free. Unlike our cold, dark and mundane reality.  I use unconventional symbolism from these other worlds to depict my thoughts and feelings.

My words can be used to escape from something worth running from, if only for a little while. That was enough for me. When the borders of my mind were damaged, corrupted rather, living my life like this became the dilemma after someone drugged me with extremely potent hallucinogens. I was involuntarily committed into psychiatric care and spent months on medication to recover. 

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