Little Floating Monument with Seeds

Cynthia Kirkwood

b. 1965, Bermudian/Canadian

Walnut ink, rosewater, watercolour, pigments, including gold mica and garnet, on paper


11.25 x 7.5 in.

Cynthia Kirkwood holds a BFA from Middlebury College and studied at the New York Studio School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture and in Umbria, Italy with Nicholas Carone. Her exploratory spirit has taken her to study and work in diverse parts of the world including Chiapas in Mexico, Colombia, France, Greece, Haiti, Montana and Peru. Her work has been exhibited in Bermuda, London, Nantucket, Vermont, Italy, Richmond, Dublin and New York.

Of her 2022 Biennial artworks, Cynthia Kirkwood says: “Triple Spinning Balance came to me in a dream. The needle spins, as do the two circles on each end. Usually colours and images come in directly. I dance first to clear space. Collaboration with sacred forces is possible – like the great guiding genius of the plant world – and an energetic centering takes me into alignment with the flow of interconnectedness. It brings me an uplifting comfort with plenty of playful surprises and mysterious messages, which I share with you through these images.”


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