Corrina Rego

b. 1972, Bermudian

Limestone block, pine railing, prism glass, sisal rope, grapevine and discarded sea plastic


56 x 23 x 8 in.

Corrina Rego is a Bermudian graphic designer, teacher and artist. She studied at NSCAD University, where she earned a Fine Art Bachelor’s Degree and an Associate Graphic Design Diploma. She worked at The Royal Gazette, where she designed and published the RG and The Bottom Line magazines, and as Creative Director of Kaleidoscope Media Limited, a design and marketing media company. She now teaches art at Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation, where she merges design, mosaics, painting and repurposed objects in multi media pieces.

Of Phoenix, she says: “What remains when we are gone? Grace and redemption are transformative and the beauty that comes out of repurposed broken things has always intrigued me. Looking at sustainability and our impact on the planet has made me consider my medium and methods of artmaking. This piece is the result of a new vision encompassing both old, valued artifacts combined with more modern items. The plastic elements present challenges: although functional and useful, there are ramifications to their widespread use.”

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