Pink Sands of Time

Heather Nova

b. 1965, Bermudian



Heather Nova is a Bermudian singer/songwriter and poet. She has released 13 albums internationally over the past 30 years and a book of poetry entitled The Sorrowjoy. She lives in Bermuda, but tours regularly. She has a passion for mentoring young songwriters here on the island.

She says: “My inspiration comes from the natural world, and from the complexities of human emotion. I never tire of the interplay of words, sound and imagery — like working clay between my fingers; I feel most alive when I am making something”.

Of Pink Sands of Time, she adds: “I prefer not to say too much about a poem; I believe it is more purely received by the reader without an explanation. The audience/reader brings their own unique perspective and history to experiencing the piece, thus making the work relevant to each person in their own way. This is the magic of how art connects us all and is how the acutely
personal transforms to the universal.”


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