Dianni Culltar

Wood, stain, crystals


38 x 55 x 3 in.

I am Dianni Verushnn Minors, you may refer to as Dianni Culltar in respect to my artworks. As of January 6th, 2020 I am 22. I was born in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a sea mound, commonly known as Bermuda. Currently I’m a full time student at Bermuda College studying art & design. While I’ve been in this lane for these 2 short years I have rubbed elbows with local masters of their respective crafts and found a gem that involves prying open geodes we call Artist.

As a Black Man, I envision gangs to be the go to figures in the immediate community, outside of the government. Upholding protection, financial education, codes and conducts; they shall be held at that standard. My artwork is what I’ve witnessed.

Poroma-dc is from the Request For More Life series

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