Soleé Darrell

b. 1989, Bermudian. Currently lives and works in California, USA.

Dye on silk velvet


42 x 38 x 2 in.

Soleé Darrell is a Bermudian born artist based in Northern California. She is self-taught and her work is purely intuition-driven. She explores the experience and depth of being a human in this world while connecting with other worlds through practice and meditation. Each stroke encompasses color, vulnerability, passion, texture, and complete faith in the universe.

Darrell uses layers of mixed media to symbolize the healing of wounds and maps the unknown paths we take in life. She is forever fascinated with the idea of things we can never know about our existence, and the self-inflicted suffering that human beings can endure through generations of trying to figure it out. Her hope is to bring some optimism to the viewer and bridge the gap between the intuitive world and the physical world.

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