Rest in Peace

Jayde Gibbons

b. 1991. Currently lives and works in Bermuda.

Photography and mixed media


85 x 82 in.

Jayde Gibbons’ photojournalistic practice is dedicated to highlighting the beauty in parts of Bermuda that are familiar to her and are often overlooked.

She says: “In March of 2020, I had the honor of being in conversation with the late broadcaster and historian Oda “Blondelle” Mallory. She shared stories and played us recordings from her radio show Living Memories which was broadcast locally in the 80’s and 90’s. Her show revealed a wealth of cultural knowledge that was unknown to most at that time, including the existence of slave graves buried at the Rubber tree which resulted in the erection of a monument that stands to this day, and the existence of a graveyard in Tucker’s Town from the occupants of that land prior to 1920 when they were forced out to make way for the Tuckers Town that exists today. Rest in Peace highlights the importance of learning and preserving our history as well as respecting our elders, our ancestors and the storytellers who came before us.”

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