Round About Through The Flowers

Flurina Sokoll

Storage box, lamp, lampshade


12 x 12 x 12 in.

In my recent work, a story is written through found objects. These pieces bring a weight and their own stories with them. They might lie around for months without any purpose, and are then positioned within my line of vision where they become part of my everyday environment. I allow myself to be seduced by a colour or material, or I’m perturbed by a particular mark that I start to attend to them. It’s a dialogue that creates its own expanse of time. The artistic process emerges in the connections between the unaltered objects, in the moment in which I translate the objects into new constellations.

When I talk about arrangements, I am not referring to the physical arrangement of things. My thoughts and my own stories are reflected in the outer configurations, and the arrangement of things effects a movement within me. The combination of practices do not follow any linear way of thinking. The items find their way into a work through twists and errors. My understanding of arrangements is further deeply rooted in my childhood memory of flower collecting.

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