So That You Could Stay in this Place

Rachel Simons

b. 1986, British. Currently lives and works in Bermuda.

Site specific installation – embroidered fabric panel and accompanying film and audio works


70 x 36 in. (embroidered panel)

Bermuda based British interdisciplinary artist Rachel Simons recently completed a Masters of Fine Arts at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver (2023). Her studio works focus on the residue from British Colonial rule of Bermuda, that remain in the habits and practices of the island today.

She says: “I work site-specifically in response to my immediate environment, choosing not to leave a permanent mark on the landscape as my ancestors did before me. The materials I use intentionally deteriorate over time. This work responds to disused tourist cabanas and points to the politics and structures of power still present within the island’s tourism economy. Through the gesture of hand embroidery, I recontextualize a negative online reviewer’s dismissive tone by situating the words within the interior of the beach cabana itself, re-hanging and filming the curtain panel as it blows in the breeze of the exposed structure, eventually losing the power of the reviewer’s voice.”

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