Jahbarri A. Wilson

b. 1998, Bermudian. Currently lives and works in Bermuda.

Acrylic, oil stick, stainless steel


96 x 48 in.

Jahbarri A. Wilson is a self-taught Bermudian artist who uses his travels to expand his sight and discover unspoken affinities across different cultures. Most of his works are an interplay of several mediums. His mixed media work spans painting, drawing, sculpture, and fashion. He sees creation as a form of play in all aspects, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Through this play he aims to excavate the essence of Bermuda and its inhabitants, reminding them and himself of their power. Star’erfolk was created publicly during Bermuda’s inaugural Art Month in October 2023.

He says: “We don’t eat if we don’t catch a fish”. Star’ing for all – themselves, their community, the past, future, and present. Bringing an abundant amount of possibilities to the surface with the help of the current of creation. As it carries and guides them to bountiful waters of infinite potential, the Star’erfolk have the responsibility of hauling their catch to their community for all to feast.”

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