Storm in a Teacup

Charles Lloyd Tucker

Bermudian (1913-1971)

Oil on canvas

c. 1959

Collection of Carolyn and Charles Webbe

Charles Lloyd Tucker studied art in London at the Byam Shaw
School of Drawing and Painting from 1948 to 1953 before
returning home to Bermuda, where he influenced generations
of artists as The Berkeley Institute’s first art teacher. Tucker
exhibited with many of the leading artists of the day, including
Robert Barritt, John Kaufmann, Alfred Birdsey, Florence Fish,
and Canadian-born sculptor and teacher Byllee Lang.
In 1959, segregation divided Bermudian society. The movie
theatres had segregated seating with the balcony and centre
section reserved for whites. An anonymous group organized a
successful boycott of the theatres and two weeks later the hotels,
restaurants and movie theatres were desegregating. This set in
motion a process which was not completed in Bermuda until
1970 when schools were desegregated.
This artwork is a response to a public statement made by the
establishment of the day: that it would all blow over soon, it
was just a storm in a teacup!

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