The Birdcage

Jacqueline Alma

b. 1965, South African

Wood and paint


123 x 225 x 72 in.

Jacqueline Alma was born in South Africa and worked as a designer in London before moving to Bermuda in 2008. She has held two solo exhibitions on the island, The Red Thread (2013, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art) and Like a Tree Let the Dead Leaves Drop (2019, Bermuda National Gallery). Her artwork looks both outwards, at Bermuda’s history and culture, and inwards, at her own experiences.

She says: “I’d like people to come and express their version of Past, Present and Future via a photograph of them standing in the birdcages. People can choose how to express it by the way that they stand within the frames. Perhaps it could it be an elderly member of their family for the past, themselves for the present and their child for the future? Or will they stand holding messages in each frame expressing their emotions around the history of Bermuda, their present feelings of today and their hopes or fears around the future? How imaginative will they be?”


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