The Language of Green Things II


b. 1964, Bermudian

Photograph on canvas


36 x 24 in.

ABWilson is a photographer who is always looking for the next great picture. She specializes in first getting close to her subjects and then stepping back to see what else is going on. As a student and practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry (which uses strengths and successes to find solutions), she seeks extraordinary beauty in the ordinary. Often, she will pause, look through the lens of her camera and find the perfect image that may not be obvious at the first glance.

Of The Language of Green Things, she says: “Imagine if humans had the language to communicate with trees, the leaves would absorb our meaning and we, in turn, would embrace their syllables. Communication would start with a single breath, the unfurling of a leaf, the acceptance of possibilities. Trees and humans would have a shared understanding, a common knowledge and an appreciation for space, time and the true essence of each other. We would each flourish with a single drop. A simple intent. A conscious moment.”


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