The Prospect of Immortality

Kevin Morris

b. 1974, Bermudian. Currently lives and works in Bermuda.

Acrylic on canvas


40 x 86.5 x2 in.

Kevin Morris is a self-taught artist from Bermuda and has been a professional painter for over thirty years. It was through his previous work as a house painter, and later as a decorative/faux finisher that I began creating art on canvas. In 2001 he began exhibiting artwork and has since participated in various shows in Bermuda, Canada, England and Greece.

He says: “I like to create paintings that, if you choose to engage with them for longer periods of time, can become more complicated. My artworks are often dense and detailed, containing an abundance of information which reflects my numerous interests. High colour and bold patterns dominate my surfaces and the resulting canvas becomes a record of time spent absorbing and saving information. I enjoy world building and my painterly language derives from a huge range of artistic influences combined with a profound curiosity in diverse cultures and histories.”

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