This Is Not A Home

Antoine Hunt

Mixed media, wood, oil pastel


12 x 9 x 1 in.

What is a home? For me, home is a temporary place to store the things that I have accumulated in life. Knowing that everything I have can be packed up and moved at a moment’s notice provides some sense of security. This understanding is informed by the fact that I have relocated my place of residence nineteen times. The house that I grew up in is the last and only meaningful place that I have lived. The unconditional love from my matriarchy household sustains me to this day, re-enforced by the memories of helping my great aunt and grandmother planting the vegetable gardens and tending the chickens. 

To see now how this sacred place bears no resemblance to the oases of my child mind, causes a sense of nomadic discontent. Stretching beyond what I am today and pushing myself into the unknown is the overwhelming force that motivates the work.

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