Time Warp

Seth de Roulet

b. 1983, American



51 x 34 in.

Seth de Roulet is a world-renowned surf photographer who has spent the last 20 years in and around the most violent and dangerous oceans, capturing waves as big as 70 feet high.

After working with the world’s best surfers as a staff photographer for Surfing Magazine, Seth was looking for new inspiration and found it in the unique colour palette of the Bermuda shoreline. A regular visitor to the island since 1989, he moved to Bermuda in 2020 and his focus has since shifted towards fine art, exploring the shapes and lines that only the
ocean can create.

He says: “Ocean waves start thousands of miles from our shores where a storm gives them life and sends them on their long journey across the ocean. They move effortlessly, gaining strength until a shallow bank forces them to rise and release all that power. Weeks of travel for just a few seconds. Then the water returns to a normal state, looking to the future for another storm to start the process all over again.”


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