Edwin Smith

Duct tape


144 x 96 in.

Let me tell you something.  Inspiration for image making often comes from the consideration of social interaction.  These moments are important and humanity will always be a rich source of material, revealing interest and priorities, hegemony and mores, networking and relationships. Whether directly involved or as an observer, I enjoy the encounters and making references to encounters and moments where individuals come together and share spaces.

Transience is an image based on a moment of interaction where family and friends came together at an exhibition of art.  The shared moment reflects the placement of their value and support.  

Life often imitates art.  Here, when present, the audience may seem to share the environment and the moment.  My interest is in this brief potential encounter.  I like to think that the components merge and together are the completed work.  An aesthetic experience for me lies somewhere between these integral components: the work, the audience and the encounter.  Interestingly, each of these components, and even the memories of them, are at times short lived, quickly passed over.

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