Transition Zone #5

Jonah Jones

b. 1966, British/Bermudian

Oil on canvas


24 x 24 in.

Jonah Jones is a full-time painter, working primarily in oil and occasionally in gouache, splitting his time between working on location and in the studio. His paintings vary in dimension from small gestural studies to major studio pieces up to 50 square feet. Much of his work is centred around the ocean and incorporates the experience of living on a geographically remote island. His work tends to follow themes that, while remaining visually representative, are investigations of more abstracted concepts such as time, space, pattern, movement and relationships.

Of Transition Zone #5, he says: “The lack of opportunity to travel and intermingle brought about by the COVID restrictions has helped me distill down the concepts I was already investigating. Two years spent by the ocean, looking down at the shallows and up to the horizon, where beyond, the world was changing. The spaces between all of us developed new significance. Spatial dynamics and relationships between forms are, to my mind, variations on social distancing.”


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