Chesley Trott

Bermudian (b. 1930)

Spice wood


Collection of Bermuda National Gallery. Gift of Nea Willits.

Bermudian artist and art educator Chesley Trott held his first
art exhibition in partnership with his mentor Charles Lloyd
Tucker at the Bermuda Society of Arts in 1967. Shortly afterwards, he left Bermuda to spend a year at Ealing Art College,
England. In 1976 he represented Bermuda in the Caribbean
Festival of the Arts (CARIFESTA).
A master carver, Trott, now retired, worked predominantly in
wood (particularly local cedar) and later bronze – a skill he honed
on multiple trips to Mexico. For many years Trott was a resident
artist at the Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard and for over
three decades ran a wood carving programme for inmates at
Casemates Prison.
Chesley Trott was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by
the Bermuda Arts Council in 1997, and two years later a retrospective of his work Chesley Trott: Sculptor and Mentor was
held at the Bermuda National Gallery. He told the Royal Gazette
magazine: β€œIn the beginning I started to copy African art and
then I became interested in European modern sculptors such
as Henry Moore and to a lesser extent Barbara Hepworth and
Ken Armitage. I started to combine African influences with
the modern European. I think that was the beginning of developing
a style of own, which is now an abstract combination of
these influences.”

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