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Daisy Gould

b. 1990, Bermudian/British/American. Currently lives and works in London, England.

Polaroid emulsion on watercolour paper


9.85 x 9.85 in.

Daisy Gould is a Bermudian curator, writer and consultant based in London. She is currently Assistant Curator of Live Programmes at Serpentine Gallery. Her ongoing academic and curatorial research focusses on Caribbean art and theory, with a focus on contemporary Bermudian art. She holds a BA in Art History from University of Richmond and a MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths, University of London.

She says: “The haziness of these Polaroid images, taken in Bermuda 10 years ago, gives them the look of daydreams or memories. Devoid of any indicators to date them, the fullness of the memories is disrupted. Through the delicate process of emulsion transfer, done using a brackish water bath of Bermuda sea and tap water, the smoothness of the original image gains texture when applied to the grained paper. The framing of these images alludes to Bermuda’s historical and colonial tunnel vision. The emulsion process involves cutting the physical Polaroid frames away to transfer the image in a first step towards releasing these memories.”

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