Vocable #2: The Veneration of Mami Wata (aka Mother Water), whose Ecstatic Beauty and Celestial Power is Made Most Manifest as She Bestrides both Atlantic and Time, (Re)Presented in Bermuda, August 2020

Judith Aidoo-Saltus

b. 1962, American



87 x 43 in.

Judith Aidoo-Saltus is a Bermuda-based photographer, filmmaker and author. She produced the 2008 film Blackout and associate produced Bridge and Tunnel, which won a special Tony award. She is currently writing her first book.

Of Vocables, she says: “The ocean is my mother and the beach is my church. Both inspire me to shine my eyes, as we say in West Africa, to see and feel and communicate what exists at the centre of so much unpredictable beauty and power. With my wife Julia as my muse and officiant, I make almost daily pilgrimages to the Atlantic to limn simple magic in search of life.

“My prayer is that my best work will mesmerise, even for a second, and inspire the smallest shift, to allow for something new and better to take root in all of us. Then, we can together draw a series of maps so we can easily find our way back home before, of course, we begin again.


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