BNG Kids

BNG Kids

Exhibition Activity Packs

Are you looking to entertain the kids over the summer holidays? Escape the heat by bringing them in see our current exhibitions. Pick up a free BNG Kids Activity Book to encourage them to explore the gallery on their own.

Admission is free for children, $5 for adults (free for students, seniors and both BNG and NARM members). Bespoke activity books, aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 14, have been produced to accompany each of the three exhibitions on display, providing children with opportunities to explore the themes presented and learn new skills.

2022 Bermuda Biennial

The theme for this year’s exhibition, A New Vocabulary: Past. Present. Future, asked artists to examine the seismic changes that have taken place since the last Biennial. The show brings together 43 local artists and presents a variety of media, including animation, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and poetry.

The accompanying BNG Kids Activity Book is aimed at ages 11 to 14 and features a guided exercise on planning art, including composition, the elements of design, colour theory, and thumbnail sketching.

A Personal Perspective: Photographs by Richard Saunders

This exhibition focuses on a selection of striking black and white prints by local photographer Richard Saunders (Bermudian, 1922 – 1987). Saunders left the island due to segregation, moving to NYC in the late 1940s, where he went on to shoot for publications such as The New York Times, Life, National Geographic and Time.

The BNG Kids Activity Book produced to accompany the exhibition, aimed at ages 7 to 10, explores the principles of photography from how cameras work, to 35mm film and the focal point.

From Darkness to Light: Portraits by Henry Ward

Henry Ward is a portrait artist. Hismethod and philosophy of painting are based on the techniques developed over the centuries by the Old Masters, however, stylistically, he seeks to blend the old with the new. In this exhibition he captures key figures in Bermuda, such as Dr David Wingate OBE, Miss Ruth Thomas MBE and Alan Burland.

In the accompanying BNG Kids Activity Book, children aged 11 to 14 are introduced to the effects of light and shadow and a step by step guide to representing the planes of a face.

Tours of all current exhibitions, for groups large or small, can be arranged with Education Officer Rehana Packwood (pictured above with kids from the AKSC and Youth Library Camps). Contact for further information, or call 295 9428.

If your kids enjoy the activity books, please take a picture and tag us on Instagram. We’d love to see their work!