BNG Kids

BNG Youth Arts Council

Fall Programme

Registration is now open for the fall semester of the Bermuda National Gallery Youth Arts Council. Starting October 10th, students will meet in the gallery every Saturday morning from 10am to 12pm for a dynamic programme led by artist and educator Sarai Hines.

The BNG Youth Arts Council explores the topics of the day through the lens of art and art-making. Students engage in discussions with their peers, meet artists and makers, create artwork and learn to creatively problem solve.

The free programme, which is aimed at students aged 13-17, provides opportunities for creative and independent thinking by engaging with the arts and culture of today.

Following a successful digital programme in the spring in which students explored the work of Dr Edwin M.E. Smith and Michael Walsh, the artworks in the 2020 Bermuda Biennial will continue to serve as a starting point for their projects.

Registration is free. Spaces are limited. Click here to register today.