Digital Art Zone

Art & Tech Summer Camp

Amongst the shopfronts that line the upper level of the Washington Mall in Hamilton, the BNG Digital Art Zone stands out like a beacon. The pop-up satellite education space, which is generously supported by Washington Properties, is home to the 2021 Art & Tech summer camp programme.

Inside, students aged 11 to 14 have been experimenting with a range of digital art-making techniques under the direction of Education Officer Rehana Packwood. Armed with an iPad and Apple Pencil, they are exploring the endless possibilities that digital art offers – from photobashing to animation and digital painting.

Digital photograph by Jordan Talbot, age 12.
Digital painting by Kaelyn Burrows, age 14.
Digital portrait of Qeir Yparraguire created by Joanna Anderson, age 11.
Digital illustration by William Britten, age 11.

The summer camp programme is currently full, with a waitlist, but these modules and more will be explored in an after-school programme in the fall. For further information please contact Education Officer Rehana Packwood at