Exhibition Opening

The Ocean They Inhabit

Thank you to everyone who joined us for last week for the opening of The Ocean They Inhabit. The photographs in the exhibition, which were taken by Andrew Stevenson over a two-day encounter with the same pair of whales, capture the majestic grace of the humpbacks in the wild.

Andrew Stevenson was feet away from the whales when capturing these photographs. Shot in black and white, the striking images allow us to see the humpbacks, who have monochromatic vision, to see the world as they see it around them, reminding us of our shared existence.

The accompanying film, captured utilising drone technology, follows a second pair of whales as they approach Bermuda‚Äôs shallow reefs at sunset where they exfoliate in the sand holes.  Its meditative quality is emphasised by the immersive experience of the arial footage.

It was a wonderful evening and we would like to thank Butterfield for their sponsorship of the exhibition, plus a special thank you to colourlab Bermuda and Frameworks, and to Goslings who provided the bar. 

Photographs by Brandon Morrison

The Ocean They Inhabit: Photographs by Andrew Stevenson is on display at BNG through to September 23. The exhibition is sponsored by Butterfield.